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*NOTE-Caleb is California's human name!*

"hey ______!" You turned around to see your friend Caleb running up to you. Before you could say hi He tackled you with a hug. You were hoping he didn't notice the blush on your cheeks. "Caleb get off." He looked at you and chuckled. "sorry ______~" He got up and helped you up.

He stared at you for a moment and chuckled again "Someone was getting a little excited when I tackled her~" He must've noticed you blush.

"No! What were you thinking ya pervert!" You yelled at him and he looked at you confused.

"That doesn't make sense...."

"I know it doesn't grr!" You hugged him "I love ya you idiot."

"I know you do." He hugged back "So...wanna go to my house now...."

You could help but think perverted thoughts at that so you blushed. "uhmm...sure...I guess..."

"Great! come on~!" He grabbed your hand and dragged you through the streets to his house.

~~-awesome time skip of awesomeness brought to you by Prussia-~~

"'kay were here~!" California uplocked his door and kicked it open. Honestly you thought he was going to break down the door. You walked into the living room. It was so weird how he had a California republic flag hung up on the wall rite above the HD T.V. wait? HD Tv? how could he afford that?

"Hey_____? would you like something to drink?" He questioned knocking you out of your daze.

"Uhmmm sure what do you have?"

"I have (favorite drink)" You stared at him. Of course he had beer. "i'll have (favorite drink)." He went to his kitchen and handed you (favorite drink) a few moments later. You thanked him and he turned on the TV and changed the channel to a show.



"Caleb why are we watching a porn movie."

"well why not? I don't see anything wrong with it."

"That's just wrong."

"No isn't." He put his face close to yours.((Veryyy...close to yours."))Writer-chan get out of here. Anyways back to you and your California boy. You started blushing at how close his face was. He saw this and decided to tease you.

"I think this can give us some ideas~" His lips brushed against yours. Your face turned redder. Then suddenly he bit you bottom lip. You gasped and he took this chance to explore your mouth he left no part untouched. You just sat there surprised but then after that you wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

~~-Awesome censored time skip of awesomeness brought to you by Gilbird-~~

The next morning you woke up next to Caleb on the couch he hugged your waist while his head was on your chest. You pet his head and fell back asleep not wanting to wake up your new boyfriend.
hehe hope you enjoy

California(c) me

You (c) California
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