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This is my first Reader insert so be nice.

This contains Yaoi= Male x Male don't like then don't read.

Mitchell- Nevada
Caleb- California

You were in high school and you were pretty popular but everyone didn't know your deepest and darkest seceret. You were gay. No one knew except for your best friend Caleb that is. He didn't care since he himself was bisexual.

"Hey,________," Caleb waved his hand infront of your face "were you even listening?"

You ran a hand through you (h/c) locks "sorry dude."

Caleb sighed "its fine the way did you here about the new kid?"

Their was barely any new kids now in days so this was surprising "n-new kid?"

"yeah the new kid! He's from Nevada and he's kinda cute ya know~."


Caleb smirked "I wonder if you guys would make a cute couple. He's cute and your very handsome~"

"If you keep talking like that people are gonna think your gay for me."

"How do you know im not~" He put his face very close to yours and You blushed. When suddenly a voice came out from a kid in the hall way.

"Hey I think their gonna kiss! Aww~ gays are so cute~!"

You turned and yelled "were not gay!"

"Well im bi meanwhile he might be gay."

"shut up Caleb!"

A voice came from behind you. "CALEB! HI BUDDY~!" you turned to the voice. There standing there was a boy a little bit taller than you. He had Strawberry ginger hair with icey blue eyes and wearing a purple shirt with a cute sheep thing on it and....were those skinny jeans and womens boots? He also had purple glasses. You could admit he was a little cute. You blushed at the thought.

"Oh hey caleb who's your friend? He's kinda cute." He pointed to you. Caleb turned to you and answered "that's ________. ___________ this is Mitchell."

You waved "h-hi." Mitchell hugged you "hey~ by the way are you uhmmm by any means gay?"
Your whole body shook with fear and your face turned red with embarresment. Everyone in the hall way heard the question and stared at you.

"uh uh uhmmm...."
Your face was like tomato now "uhmmm y-yes."
Mitchell grinned and hugged you "thanks for being truthfull cutie~"

"uhmm your welcome..." You hugged back. Mitchell hugged you tighter and kissed you on the lips. You stood there shocked. This was happening way to fast. You just met the guy ((next thing you know you could be in bed with him, eh?)) Shut up writer((love you 2 reader chan~)) You ended up kissing back and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"OMG I LOVE GAY PEOPLE~!" "I KNOW RIGHT~!" "IM GAY TOO!" everyone including you and Mitchell turned to the brown hair male who had his fist in the air.

"ehem go back to your gay love and this gay rite here" He pointed to himself "will be in the bathroom crying since no one cares."

Most of the girls awed and went to comfort the male.

"weird dude..." You kept staring at the brown haired male. Mitchell and Caleb both nodded their heads.
omg! male me was in the end!

Nevada and California (c) me

You (c) Nevada
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Awesome -u-
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Finally! There's a Nevada story! -fist pump-
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