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AN: this is many years in the future when me and my lovely best friend are 19-20 years old.

"Daddy?" Ashie turned his head to Kai.

"Yeah, Kai?"

"I'm hungry."

"Go to the kitchen I saw some chips on the table." Kai padded to the kitchen and jumped onto the table. She saw the bag of chips Ashie was talking about. There was a pile of them coming out of the bag. Must have been Ashie when he was eating chips. She ate most of the pile then layed down. She decided to just relaxe.

Ashie came into the kitchen and saw Kai on the table. He went over to his water bowl and drank some water. Ashie heard his owner and Kai's owner playing video games in the other room. Kai and Kai's owner were so alike just like Ashie and his owner were alike. The shaggy, messy tuft of hair on the top of his head was the same color as his owner's hair. their personalities were the same as well.

Ashie walked over to the table and jumped on it. He saw Kai and pawed at her tail. Although Kai called him her daddy Ashie was still a kitten on the inside. Pawing at her tail was so much fun. It was so fluffy and soft.

----time skip---------

It was few days after Kai came to visit Ashie. He noticed how Kai's owner ended up moving her stuff here. Kai ended up sleeping right next to Ashie on her own cat bed. Ashie hoped she didn't mind her daddy's snoring. Ashie snored just like his owner so he hoped Kai didn't mind it. They had to sleep in the hallway. Not in the rooms anymore. This was because Ashie was very protective of Kai. He was her "daddy" so he had to make sure they were near each other all the time.

"good night Ashie." Kai yawned cuddling into the softness of her cat bed.

"Gute Natcht Kai." Ashie yawned and cuddled his blanket that covered most of his bed and lamb plushie.
aww im a daddy~ :iconfrenchsquealplz:

anways if you want me to write more I don't know.

part 1-zombiedubstepslayer.deviantart…

part 2-zombiedubstepslayer.deviantart…

part 3- here
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Hehehe~ Daddy-senpai! This is awesome~
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c: yep
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